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Sep 8, 2012 10:00pm EDT
listen. >> host: did you ever have frank conversations with secretary-general robert mugabe? >> guest: i met mugabe on many occasions. we talked about african politics. we talked about other issues. we talked about the fight against hiv and i remember trying to encourage him to get the people to use because zimbabwe really was hit by the epidemic and he was quite religious. he was trained in the jesuit school and to reassure him i said i have braces with the pope and i think he should think about it. and he said, mr. secretary-general, when it comes to that pope and i are one. and he would not budget the time but the zimbabweans are doing better now. there was another head of state who might try to encourage to speak out on hiv/aids because there was such silence on the issue and get it was a situation where silence meant death. i said we should speak out and educate and encourage them to speak about contraception and increase their programs. he said i'm the father of the nation. i cannot go out and speak to my people about contraception. speak to them and encourage them to be promiscuou
Sep 16, 2012 12:00pm EDT
robert mugabe and say, it's time for you to leave office, your people are suffering under your rule. do you see yourself as having the kind of a role in the world? could you have had that kind of a role? >> guest: i have spoken to mugabe and that the leaders about the future, about the time, to move on, but i don't, i cannot ascribe it to myself the authority or the power to say you leave office, or even today as a statesman. i can offer advice. i was -- [inaudible] i spoke to one year ago i went a long time or i can talk in terms of look around you, and see what is happening in north africa and the middle east. there are strong transitional winds blowing. that cannot be resisted and resisted for long. and you should plan ahead. you should think of the future. you should think of when you move on, and which are going to do next. i can discuss it with them in that context, but i cannot go and say you must leave, you must resign. after all, i didn't -- some of these people have been voted into officut overstayed, and i'm a general statement about leaders of the state and that the demo
Sep 24, 2012 7:00am EDT
speaking to iranian public. the president, mugabe of zimbabwe, rogue states, nations that feel that the west and powers on the u.n. security council are the ones that are calling all the international shots. she does have an audience. some of the things he does say with the exception of some of these holocaust fiery speeches do resonate with some people. >> the other side of this triangle, it's not just the fall in the air. that's a palpable chill between the president and benjamin netanyahu. do you think that estrangement makes it more or less likely that israel acts unilaterally? how does it affect your calculus that the two leaders don't seem to be on the same page? >> i think president obama has come under a lot of criticism by benjamin netanyahu. that's one of the reasons he's not meeting with the prime min sister. at the same time the prime minister is criticizing him, he's not going to be sitting down and giving him an audience. i do think that at tepthe end o day israel's calculation is president obama going to have my back? is the united states going to help me out if they feel
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)